It is a sad sight to see the majority of children these days have fun only when they are facing a computer or some other electronic gadget. Because they are incapable of interact with others personally, this puts a limit to their interpersonal skills. A solution to this is by introducing other games that does not involve a computer or modern-day gadget. Find an activity that can promote physical activity between kids, team work, and entertainment. An entertaining game that has bean bags in it is a good example.

Another good idea is a game of toss involving bean bags. All you need to do is chuck an object into a hole or pass it to other children in this simple game. This simple game can help build communication, observation, and motor skills. A child will find it easy to develop his or her hand-eye coordination together with underhand and overhand throwing motions when passing it to another child or aiming it at a goal.

There are many variations to the game. The first one involves children forming a circle and tossing the bags at one another. This usually only takes around fifteen minutes and around ten to twenty bags are needed. The main objective here is to catch the object and never drop it. Anyone who fails the task will be pulled out of the game. Before a beanbag is thrown at someone, his or her name will be called first. Extra bags are added in the activity as a way to increase the excitement as it goes on. The victor of the activity is the last person standing.

Another variation to it has targets incorporated in it. The target can be anything from buckets to decorated boxes as long as there is a hole in it. Orange cones are needed as markers in addition to the targets. Before starting the activity, the play area should be set up first. The cones will be indicators to where the participants should be positioned when aiming the object into a goal while the targets are positioned on either side of the field. The player is allowed to score dependant upon the number of chances he or she is given. The one who is successful in shooting it right into a hole will be awarded a point. The children will gain from these exercises because physical activity is promoted since it is interactive. After they are done with a game, they can take a break and relax on the outdoor bean bags.

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